To say whatever you want is easy. To communicate effectively takes skill.

Artful Text’s main goal is to put successful communication skills to work for you. You can count on me to make sure your communications are precise and polished.

As your editor, I can make sure your writing flows logically from one idea to another. As your writer, I can create text that focuses on the audience you want.

Clear language makes for clear communication, and you can trust my 15 years of experience with technical reports, academic papers, marketing materials, and presentation abstracts to make sure your message says exactly what you want.

Whether you need a quick quality review of your text or a comprehensive approach to a new document, I can help you. Contact me by email or call me at (919) 800-1144.

—Janet Doughty

“Janet is an expert editor who works to understand her clients’ needs and preferences, providing thorough and insightful feedback with a quick turnaround. The AUA Directory is a multi-author, user-friendly resource which provides both detailed information and in-depth analysis. Janet’s communicative style and keen eye for detail helped us arrive at a truly high-quality product. I recommend Artful Text without reservation!” - Andrew Stinson, Project Coordinator, America's Unofficial Ambassadors, Creative Learning