Need to Know

What do you need to know about me?

I write and edit with the audience’s needs in mind. A busy executive needs to know why she should spend her valuable time at a social enterprise event or participate in virtual training. At a glance, she needs to understand what exclusive perks she could enjoy at a members-only event. My honed marketing language speaks quickly to give her the key information she needs.

A networking group member wants to know why he should meet with a Minister of the Bermuda Government, a marathon runner, an incoming committee leader, or a new addition to the group. My engaging newsletter articles drive home valuable connections.

The reader of a local paper takes an interest in the newest theatre season. My feature article engages his curiosity with personalized stories from the child actors.

I care about my work.
I get excited about what I do, which means that I am driven to get you the right material. I will work with you until your needs are met. I have high standards for the quality I produce, and you will see that when you get your final deliverables.

I don’t miss deadlines.
Period. If you need a project completed by a certain time, I’ll deliver.

I like what I do.
And I like getting to see other people excited about what they do. Your enthusiasm for your work makes me want to help you shine. Whether you are an engineer creating a conference presentation, or a graduate student applying for a grant, or a CEO trying to find the best way to communicate about healthcare benefits with 1,200 employees across the country, I get excited about the idea of making sure your words convey your enthusiasm and expertise.

Let me know how I can help you, and I’m on it.

Work experience

I have more than 15 years of experience editing, writing, managing, and producing professional publications and communications. My clients have included nonprofit and private global, local, and statewide organizations, as well as individual authors, regional theatres, and students. 

I have experience writing about and editing a wide range of topics including:

  • general corporate communications
  • marketing communications
  • individual profile articles
  • financial planning
  • humanitarian organizational activities and descriptions
  • traffic accident reconstruction
  • transportation planning
  • intelligent transportation systems
  • graphic design theories
  • musical pedagogy
  • educational organization needs
  • personal statements

These experiences involved working with clients to make sure their messages are exactly what they want. They also have required me to collaborate with staff and stakeholders at a variety of technical and expereince levels. Whether interviewing the president of a Fortune 500 company, editing the technical documentation of subject matter experts, or assisting administrative staff to ensure quality communications, I excel at teaming with people.

You can find examples of what I've edited, written, and produced on my work samples page, or you can email me for more information.

Individual clients

I have edited a wide range of documents for individual clients. From self-published books to online directories, I have provided both copy editing and substantive editing services.

National engineering firm

During the seven years I worked at a national engineering firm, I wrote and edited proposals for engineers and transportation planners. These marketing documents included technical information targeting specific public and private sector clients. Over seven years, I helped the firm win work worth more than $14 million.

After the work was won, I wrote, edited, and designed final reports for the engineers and planners. The final plans and reports contained industry-specific content about transportation systems, cutting-edge modeling technology, and instruction manuals. Working for the engineering firm, I wrote and edited documents about intelligent transportation systems, comprehensive transportation planning, transit planning, GIS-based modeling software, bridge and parking structure design, wastewater treatment plant design, and natural resources preservation.

Statewide non-profit

For three years, I edited, wrote for, and produced publications for the statewide Pennsylvania Humanities Council. As a communication specialist, my work focused on writing and producing newsletters, calendars, and the biennial report. My texts discussed history, literature, philosophy, linguistics, religion, and the impact of technology on culture.

I also had the pleasure of coordinating an event featuring William Ferris, Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Writing invitations, programs, press releases, and media alerts all required coordination with the NEH office in Washington, D.C. and local organizations in Pittsburgh.

Seasonal theatre company

Truly, there’s no business like show business. And I got to see every side of show business while publicizing the productions at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre. I interviewed actors and directors to write feature articles and press releases. Not only did I tell the community about some fantastic shows, but I also helped patrons get a look at the hard work and fun that goes on behind the scenes.


I have earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in English.

BA in English

My BA in English came from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where I also minored in music. While at Hope, I took advantage of many opportunities offered by the school, including a summer studying Eastern European literature in Vienna and a semester interning with a bankʼs public relations department in Philadelphia.

I graduated magna cum laude and was inducted as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the national academic honors society.

Learn more about Hope College and The Philadelphia Center internship program.

MA in English

My MA in English was earned at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. My master’s program focused on technical and professional communications, so I was able to concentrate on technical writing and editing, grant writing, and online communication. I also studied current communication theories about ethics, international and intercultural issues, risk management, and research.

Learn more about ECU and the focus on Technical and Professional Communications program.